After taking a break from personal projects for almost half a year, I wrote the first line of code for Hour Blocks on February 6th 2019. For a while, I’d been longing for an app which would allow me to plan out my day with a minimal amount of effort. I’d tried doing this with the Calendar app, but something just wasn’t right. So I set out to design a day planner app around 3 core principles.

1: Focus

Every time you launch the app, you are greeted with your Hour Blocks for today, starting with the current Hour Block. You only have to look at tomorrow if you scroll down there. This chronological timeline of your next 24–48 hours allows you to focus on what’s truly next, rather than anything and everything you have coming up in your life. The accompanying Apple Watch app also follows this same principle, and the accompanying widget simply shows you what’s going on at this very moment.

2: Convenience

Since the app shows you this chronological timeline of your Hour Blocks, you simply tap on the block, type in what you have planned, and you’re done. If you’d like to attach a reminder to your Hour Block, you can then do so by tapping on it. You don’t have to abandon using the Calendar app either, as Hour Blocks automatically pulls in events from your calendar.

3: Experience

The Hour Blocks experience has been designed to be lighthearted and a joy to use. For starters, your Hour Blocks show in big bold text what’s going on with an automatically generated icon to add that extra flavour to them. The soft haptic feedback littered around adds that extra satisfaction of being organised. The language used throughout is playful and casual to make you feel more relaxed. The laid back colour scheme allows you to focus on your day rather than being overwhelmed. I could go on.

Effortlessly take control of your day with Hour Blocks: